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We are glad to introduce updated and improved version of the Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries.The initial version of our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries has became very popular among our customers and we received quite a lot of suggestions regarding further improvement of the product. As a result we decided to upgrade our  Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries considering most of the suggestions.

Most part of the improvements is related first of all to the admin panel, now working with it become much more comfortable, also we updated font management procedures, so you can forget about issues  with adding special characters, now it's done in a single click, some major changes were made to the frontend as well, the most important of them is the possibility to add unlimited number of additional categories.

The first version of  Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries did not include tools for securing template /admin panel, but now we provide you with the whole set of security  tools allowing you to manage login details by simple editing one single file, without having to use quite complex way of securing /admin panel with “htaccess” file. 

Implementing “Error handler” is another crucial improvement, this tool represents a powerful debugging utility used to catch any possible errors and taking necessary measures in time if required.

Since our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries are used primarily for showing graphics online we decided to make one more small present and add graphics editing tools as well, such as Crop, Flip, Rotate and Resize, thus in most cases you can avoid using expensive software for doing such actions.

Last, but not least we are proud to present our new innovation  - “Fonts loader” which is, in fact, a new step in font managing, allowing to add, delete, modify fonts used in our  Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries in a very simple and effective way.

Here is a brief list of the new features:



1.  Gallery
    - xml support
    - possibility to create unlimited number of additional categories
    - the “previos photo” and “next photo” buttons are located on the largest image

2. /admin panel
    - login
    - errors handler
    - image editing tools:
            a) crop
            b) flip
            c) rotate
    - new algorithm implemented for saving changes


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